Have You Oiled Your Hot Tub Lately?
by Rich and Shauna
We were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils almost 8 years ago. At that time "ignorance" prevailed in our lives when it came to health, doctors, prescriptions, chemicals, and HOT TUBS. We, like most people, used the things we were told we were supposed to use in all areas of our lives.
Then something happened. The grandparents of our daughter-in-law gave us a Missing Link tape, which has had a profound effect on our lives. As we learned, used, and experimented we found we had a "killer" living with us called a HOT TUB! We treated the water with lots of chemicals, which were contributing to our already poor physical health. What to do?
We talked with Gary Young about 6 years ago and what he had to say about chemicals scared the heck out of us and we quit using our HOT TUB! But then we decided to experiment with the oils in our tub. This is what we learned.
Our tub holds 300 gallons of water. In it, we used the "prescribed" chemicals and had it "balanced" so it was "safe" to use. Then we added 12 drops Young Living geranium oil and circulated the water for 30 minutes. We re-tested an hour later. Guess what? The bromine and chlorine indicator on the test strip was white, telling us they had disappeared. But the pH was holding just fine (wonder what happened to the bromine and chlorine?) and every indication was that the water was clean and balanced. We would guess that the bromine and chlorine were neutralized or "digested" by the geranium oil. We have done this over and over and it keeps on doing the same thing.
Almost 4 years ago we started traveling in our motor home to teach and hold workshops with our Young Living distributors and we decided to experiment a little more with our HOT TUB during the time it was not being used to see if the desirable water conditions would hold without adding chemicals or more oils.
Each time we left we would add about 12 drops of geranium oil, run it a few minutes, and turn the heat down - not off - down. Each time we returned (the longest absence being 6 months) we wondered what kind of scum we would come home and find. Each time we came home, including after the 6 month trip, the water was crystal clear. WOW!
Prior to our experimenting, we maintained the tub using the standard chemicals recommended by the hot tub dealer. If the tub were not maintained on a regular basis we came back to a real mess.

Now when we are ready to change the water we clean the tub and fill it with water. We clean the 3 big filters and soak them in a mixture of about 15 drops Thieves oil in enough water to immerse the filters for about 3 hours. Then we put the filters back in and added 12 drops geranium oil to the water.
It is so relaxing and refreshing to soak in our clean, fresh, balanced, and safe HOT TUB. For an extra treat, while we soak we like to toss in an Aqua Essence Bath Pack - Sacred Mountain or one of the other choices. Now this is the way to enjoy a REAL HOT TUB! It is wonderful to get out of the tub smelling of essential oils instead of chlorine and knowing full well we are helping our bodies maintain health rather than compromising them.

We share this to encourage people to experiment and use Young Living Essential oils to protect themselves and remove as many chemicals as possible from their lives.